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I am a leadership consultant, coach, and trainer. My mission is to be a portal to a better world through the healing, growth, and development of leaders. I believe the biggest challenges we face are self-knowledge and communicating to others with truth and care. My Oestreich Associates website is here.

Triumph of the Impersonal

James Brody, a movie reviewer for The Atlantic, comments that Ridley Scott’s “The Martian,” “seems to be offering a sort of advertisement for technical achievement as a model of human achievement, but it’s one in which the human factor is left out.” Brody laments how the main character’s inner life while stranded on Mars is […]

On Dogma

Our tendency is to believe we are operating from a foundation in values — but this foundation may not be values so much as dogma. Dogma, as you know, is incontrovertible truth, and it is notoriously corruptible on the basis of personal gain. My truths are truer than your truths. My truths are better, superior, […]


It’s usually around 3 AM when the dream begins. It is the middle of the night, both inside and outside the dream, and I am again being chased by Nazis. The dream has many variations. In a few there’s a distinct figure of power that captures me and from whom I must escape, but in […]

Relationships — Reciprocity and Conflict

Let’s say there is a scale of effective relating — it goes from high trust and collaboration at one pole to destructive hostility at the other. In between there are some intermediary points, so that we get something like the following. Please click on the graph to make it larger. What the graph displays is […]