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I am a leadership consultant, coach, and trainer. My mission is to be a portal to a better world through the healing, growth, and development of leaders. I believe the biggest challenges we face are self-knowledge and communicating to others with truth and care. My Oestreich Associates website is here.

The Side Effects of Hierarchy and Other Perils

A few days ago, in a conversation with Amy Edmondson of the Harvard Business School, she sagely shared with me how hierarchy “does not intend” its negative side effects. She was speaking specifically of ingrained dynamics that cause people to seek approval and avoid rocking the boat rather than asking for help and speaking up […]

A Spiral Model of Change

I have always felt that organizational change simply could not be linear. Somehow the notion that shifts in structure, culture, technology, processes and systems could be introduced according to some fixed recipe has always grieved me, as if it missed the most important components, the deeper humanity of changing what is toward what can or […]

To Grow, Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Wait a minute! Isn’t it the other way around, that to grow into our potentials we need to get out of our comfort zones or at least operate at the “top” of them much of the time? That does seem to be the common belief, yet let me play the devil’s advocate a little. We’re […]

On Interconnection…And Yet

We know, at bottom, that everything is connected. It’s like the joke about the monk who orders a hot dog: “Make me one with everything.” We’re already there. We get that. And yet. Indeed. In fact. And yet. We treat ourselves as individuals. We operate in a competitive, psychologically entrepreneurial world of “best ideas,” “best […]