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I am a leadership consultant, coach, and trainer. My mission is to be a portal to a better world through the healing, growth, and development of leaders. I believe the biggest challenges we face are self-knowledge and communicating to others with truth and care. My Oestreich Associates website is here.

On Interconnection…And Yet

We know, at bottom, that everything is connected. It’s like the joke about the monk who orders a hot dog: “Make me one with everything.” We’re already there. We get that. And yet. Indeed. In fact. And yet. We treat ourselves as individuals. We operate in a competitive, psychologically entrepreneurial world of “best ideas,” “best […]

Having Tea with the Dragon

In a transactional world where on-time, within-budget results are the Holy Grail, it is no wonder that what we often seek most is not how to grow as leaders but simply how to get other people to do what we want them to do. The study of our leadership too often becomes the study of […]

The Ecology of Personal Growth

The idea of ecology is that we are part of a constantly interconnected living system. As individuals, we evolve and transform together. Yet we do commonly believe in our isolation, in lives uniquely separate from all others. We have our own thoughts and feelings, our own identities — or at least we think and feel […]

An Old, Universal Idea

Getting out of our own way is the biggest challenge. Whether we struggle with hubris or shame (or some of each), the challenge is waking up to what transcends our personal beliefs and mindsets, our collective conditioning, our inner and outer cultures that like mist on a window obscure our view of what’s real. Putting […]