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I am a leadership consultant, coach, and trainer. My mission is to be a portal to a better world through the healing, growth, and development of leaders. I believe the biggest challenges we face are self-knowledge and communicating to others with truth and care. My Oestreich Associates website is here.

On Cosmology

We are all connected to mystery through our inner worlds. Each of us possesses that subjective interior window. The question is what we have chosen to do with the mystery we find there. Religions mostly attempt to reframe it into an adaptable cosmology convincing enough to spread virally, becoming a shared reality and belief system, […]

Leadership and Decency

We have a dream, an ideal of leadership that it should be an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. Of course this idea is that we all see ourselves as leaders, that we all operate with unspoken understanding and unity derived from the best parts of who we are as people. […]

Where the Trouble Is

I look across the empty spaces here in Arizona and realize they are anything but empty. The San Francisco peaks, home of the spirits, collect light and hold onto it as the sun sets across the vast scrub deserts and canyons below. As I watch, the light on the mountains climbs back above the peaks […]

How We Learned Our Language

We gathered around the stony hill and watched it as the seasons turned, and years went by with heat and cold, rain-lashed, sleet-lashed, snow; and then, wan light returning we considered it all and some began to call it patience. There were places we gathered, there and there upon that hill, near the flowing pines […]