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The Woman Who Went to Work to Heal

I’m sure I’ve told the story before but it bears repeating. Years ago, I was invited to speak at a national company conference and it was stunningly different from other conferences I’d attended. Instead of sit-down meals where attendees were served, food was available all the time — you just had to get it for […]

Liberating Beauty

What is it that most people don’t “get” about leadership? This is actually not an easy question to answer. Not so much because different people don’t get different things, but because the essence is truly hard to name. It’s not reducible, I don’t believe, to a sense of personal responsibility or self-awareness or humility or […]

What Moves You?

There are many moments in my everyday coaching work that deeply touch me. I talk with a client who faces a humbling and difficult apology to his team and knows ultimately he must take this fire walk alone. I talk with another who is torn by fierce loyalty to her company but also knows the […]

Water and Stone

How much of our life is the product of water and stone? If you think of water, say, as consciousness, you can notice then how it flows against the stone of old ideas and beliefs. You can try to hold onto that stone, that solid rock, but the stone gradually will be smoothed and worn […]