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How to Have a Strategy for Change

Think of “strategy” as having a perspective, an agenda if you will, about how things could be better. When I’m helping a manager think about what those things are for a department in a more or less traditional hierarchy, I like to employ a kind of systems map that illuminates different aspects of the work […]

Lessons in Snow

Lately, I’ve begun to think about the culture of organizations a little differently than I used to. I once believed a medium or large size organization striving to induce a major shift in the way things are done would have to do a great deal of analytical work, then set up and administer rather large, […]

Things I Might Have Said

We all do it. Those after-the-conversation fantasies about what we could have said or should have said during the exchange. For some reason, one of those times has come up for me lately, one that involved a presentation I did years ago for a CEO peer learning team, a small group of top executives who […]

At the Water-Line

Hear me read this post. Many years ago I came across a remarkable model, known as the cultural iceberg. Developed by Stanley Herman of TRW Systems in 1970, it describes some of the most important workplace dynamics that any of us could ever know about. The top part of the iceberg represents the visible, formal […]