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On My Images of Nature

Since I began this weblog in 2004, I have occa­sion­al­ly been asked why I include images of nature with many of my posts. How, for exam­ple, do pic­tures of the sea relate to a post on fair­ness or ones of a riv­er con­nect with writ­ing on self-worth? Not every post has pho­tographs of nature, but […]

Reflections at Palm Canyon

At the bot­tom of a rocky canyon grow the native Cal­i­for­nia Fan Palms, in clus­ters along an unex­pect­ed water­course. It is a wind­ing oasis under the bril­liant, raw sun, an ancient home of the Cahuil­la peo­ple. I have to be care­ful of the rat­tlesnakes here, for the water attracts them, but in the­o­ry, assum­ing I […]

Sometimes Silence

Some­times silence does all the talk­ing. Sum­mer slides away and we look into the faces of the dahlias and ros­es to see how they show not tell. This is what it is to find anoth­er: an eye to the blos­som­ing stars, irra­di­at­ed galax­ies of col­or and form, freed, like hous­es turned inside out to wel­come every vis­i­tor, bee and ant […]

Between Stories

Last week­end I went on a hike up near Mt. Rainier here in Wash­ing­ton State. I head­ed for a fire look­out built in the 1930’s, no longer in for­mal use, but a good des­ti­na­tion for a clear sum­mer day. After an hour or so, I round­ed a cor­ner in the trail and looked for­ward across […]