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On My Images of Nature

Since I began this weblog in 2004, I have occasionally been asked why I include images of nature with many of my posts. How, for example, do pictures of the sea relate to a post on fairness or ones of a river connect with writing on self-worth? Not every post has photographs of nature, but […]

Reflections at Palm Canyon

At the bottom of a rocky canyon grow the native California Fan Palms, in clusters along an unexpected watercourse. It is a winding oasis under the brilliant, raw sun, an ancient home of the Cahuilla people. I have to be careful of the rattlesnakes here, for the water attracts them, but in theory, assuming I […]

Sometimes Silence

Sometimes silence does all the talking. Summer slides away and we look into the faces of the dahlias and roses to see how they show not tell. This is what it is to find another: an eye to the blossoming stars, irradiated galaxies of color and form, freed, like houses turned inside out to welcome […]

Between Stories

Last weekend I went on a hike up near Mt. Rainier here in Washington State. I headed for a fire lookout built in the 1930’s, no longer in formal use, but a good destination for a clear summer day. After an hour or so, I rounded a corner in the trail and looked forward across […]