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On Worthiness

In many ways, worthiness is the very first and the very last topic of leadership. From the start a leader is someone who is concerned with knowing and relying upon his or her self-value. Without it the person who wants to lead, to create change, to bring people together around a new idea or movement […]

On Misfits and Outcasts

Yesterday as I was writing my last post I forgot something — from the conversation I was having with a friend about her destiny. As we continued to talk, what also came out was the sense that those who honor and follow their unique paths may also have to endure considerable loneliness and a sense […]

On Valuing Your Unique Life Path

I did an inventory the other day of the kinds of issues clients have brought me over time. Here are some of them: Survival in the role of leader Effectiveness in working with others, particularly troublesome personalities, other people who are in denial, and those who have more power Living in high control, high risk […]

Who Do You Speak For?

It’s a question I’ve been asking others lately and also of myself. If leadership involves helping fulfill a felt need, then what is the need and who are those who have it? Aung San Suu Kyi, locked up in her house or in prison for most of the last twenty years, nevertheless speaks for those […]