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On Being For One Another

My mother and father were seventeen years old in 1929, so I grew up hearing about the Great Depression. I recall the stories, mostly from my mother, about how millionaires jumped from windows on Wall Street as they realized their fortunes were worthless. My father’s stories were also extreme. He had been a refugee in […]

The Year of Failing Forward

If you like, you can listen to me read this post. My connection with the popular concept of failing forward, articulated by John Maxwell, goes back to 1994 when I was forty-four years old. That was my tenth year of consulting, but only my fourth year, full time. I was working at a hospital near […]

Beyond the Edge: Distilling the Depths

Every year I co-facilitate a great event called “Beyond the Edge: Affirming Your Destiny as a Leader.” You can find out the full story of this event by transferring to the BTE website here. While Beyond the Edge is not meant for everybody, in a personal way I believe everybody should come. It was designed […]

Beyond the Edge: The Event

Today, earlier, I wrote about a dream. One outcome of that dream is a beautiful and remarkable experience called “Beyond the Edge: Affirming Your Destiny as a Leader.” It is the best work I do, sharing in it with my close friends and colleagues, Barb Hummel and Jay Howell. We’ve been doing this event since […]