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What If

What if at the cen­ter of the labyrinth you found only a lit­tle boy, fright­ened, frail as a moth­’s wing? How could such a crea­ture sur­vive the world’s crude play, the knife in the eye of the stranger? No one knows how hard the cas­ing of a seed or the true mean­ing of of a snail’s intri­cate shell. If some­thing must be endured […]

On “The End of Suffering” by Thích Nhất Hạnh

An arrest­ing med­i­ta­tion by Thích Nhất Hạnh came back to me the oth­er day. I first post­ed it sev­en years ago. I encour­age you to lis­ten to it again or for the first time.  The End of Suf­fer­ing May the sound of this bell pen­e­trate deep into the cos­mos Even in the dark­est spots liv­ing beings […]

A Little Piece on Mind Control

What do you allow your­self to think about? What do you keep from aware­ness? As your con­scious­ness moves over an array of pos­si­ble sub­jects and options, accept­ing some and deny­ing oth­ers, are you notic­ing its famil­iar habits? This is an expe­ri­ence of your own mind as both con­troller and con­trolled, an expe­ri­ence of how you […]

Blue Hill

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