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My Heart’s Desire

In the dark­ness some­thing inside me asks, as it always does, What is it your heart most desires? And I will say back, Well, there’s always some­thing, isn’t there? A good long walk in the moun­tains where the wind mourns in the trees, or maybe just a frank talk with an angel about the way things are […]


Car­men and I hur­ried­ly zip our jack­ets and hun­ker down in the cold while I strug­gle to attach my cam­era to the tri­pod and put on the right fil­ter. Horse­tail Falls in the Colum­bia Gorge must be per­pet­u­al­ly in win­ter shade for Car­men notices how some of the mist com­ing off the falls turns to […]

Waking Up the World

It is a strange time, he said to me. No one can ques­tion that. Dai­ly life goes on, but against a frac­tured back­ground. Trust is naive, would­n’t you say? And our imag­ined, much laud­ed future for a long time’s been lit­tle more than a bro­ken puz­zle. Prob­lems have mount­ed, would­n’t you say? A pile of fire­wood just wait­ing for a match? Meanwhile, […]

Pelvis with the Distance

An ekphras­tic poem is a poem about anoth­er piece of art, often visu­al art — in this case a paint­ing by Geor­gia O’Ke­effe called “Pelvis with the Dis­tance.” I saw the paint­ing last week­end at the Taco­ma Art Muse­um here in Wash­ing­ton State, part of a col­lec­tion called, “Elo­quent Objects” about O’Ke­ef­fe’s still life paintings […]