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The Horse

I stopped along a country road to take a photograph. I had been down by the river under the mountain, but the shadows had grown longer and now on my way home the mountain was immersed in late afternoon light. At first, two horses galloped to see me, but they soon wandered off, distracted by […]

Leadership is a Field

I believe leadership is a kind of psychic field where noble acts take place, acts of self-affirmation, trust, love and ethics. When the field is there, the right things occur, the right things come out of our mouths. Our deeds are part of a greater story. When the field is off, we stumble. I was […]

On Negative Ego

An elderly man I once knew — and now probably long dead — used to complain bitterly about all the people with negative ego. I never really understood what he meant by the term, as it seemed to derive from some of the esoteric and cultish literature he frequently read. It felt far afield of […]

The Woman Who Went to Work to Heal

I’m sure I’ve told the story before but it bears repeating. Years ago, I was invited to speak at a national company conference and it was stunningly different from other conferences I’d attended. Instead of sit-down meals where attendees were served, food was available all the time — you just had to get it for […]