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The Tender Spot

I am design­ing a new lead­er­ship work­shop and recent­ly I asked a friend and col­league for some feed­back about the design. As we reviewed the mate­ri­als and exer­cis­es, he stopped at one point and said, “I think you are going too fast here. What you are ask­ing peo­ple to share about them­selves in this part […]

On Redemption

As a helper to peo­ple nav­i­gat­ing their lives at work, I want to bring the very best of myself to every exchange. Yet there are times when the best of myself would nev­er be enough.  The solu­tions to the deep chal­lenges that peo­ple face fol­low no spe­cial for­mu­la; for exam­ple, the linked, uphill strug­gles to […]

On Abuse of Human Freedom

I asked that div­ina­tion tool, The I Ching (The Book of Changes) what to do in the wake of last week’s shock­ing elec­tion results. It told me first to keep still (Hexa­gram 52. Kên | Keep­ing Still, Moun­tain) for awhile, with move­ment in the sec­ond line, sug­gest­ing there is an unstop­pable tra­jec­to­ry to the situation, […]

An Exercise to Reduce Negative Inner Voice

Recent­ly, I’ve been work­ing with a num­ber of clients who are inter­est­ed in reduc­ing their neg­a­tive thoughts, self-talk and defen­sive reac­tions. Here are some notes from our dis­cov­er­ies togeth­er and a relat­ed net search.* • Neg­a­tive inner voice (inner crit­ic) express­es thoughts ini­tial­ly formed as a set of rules and penal­ties aimed to pro­tect us […]