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A Historic Moment: Then, Now….

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A Poem on Leading

We want to think that something as elusive and strong as a butterfly’s wing can be contained by the fine filigree of language;  that there are words that say what can’t be said about the essence. Once and for all. If you’ve read  all the books you still won’t know (I’ve tried)  though your head […]

The Foundation of Such a Method….

Today, I watched Colin Powell on the television show, “The View,” speaking briefly about Martin Luther King, Jr. as the non-violent leader of the “second Civil War” in this country. I was struck by the notion of a second Civil War because it does so aptly describe what must be acknowledged: cultures change slowly and […]

Going In

If you like, you can hear me read this post. Perhaps it is just that it is winter and my energy is solstice energy, energy of the roots of things and of the hearth, and it is clear I seek time to “go in,” not to go out. Even now in early afternoon, the fire […]