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The Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love

A friend sent me a copy of a beau­ti­ful and remark­able speech made by his 17 year-old daugh­ter, Clare, to her school last Fri­day. With per­mis­sion from Clare and her father, I reprint it here along with her pho­to. It is an hon­or to be invit­ed to speak briefly on behalf of myself and my […]

In Our Thirst for Freedom…

Today, we cel­e­brate the life of Mar­tin Luther King, Jr, a rare leader who mobi­lized cat­alyt­ic ener­gies from the deep­est spir­i­tu­al stra­ta of human dig­ni­ty; whose non-vio­­lence and whose vision, so clear­ly artic­u­lat­ed in his “I Have A Dream” speech define what is best about Amer­i­ca by defin­ing what it could be. When I think of […]