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On My Images of Nature

Since I began this weblog in 2004, I have occa­sion­al­ly been asked why I include images of nature with many of my posts. How, for exam­ple, do pic­tures of the sea relate to a post on fair­ness or ones of a riv­er con­nect with writ­ing on self-worth? Not every post has pho­tographs of nature, but […]

Small World

In response to a request from long-time blog­ger, Miguel Guh­lin, I’ve been asked to write some­thing as part of a meme on “how blog­ging has rocked your world.” If you are inter­est­ed in con­tribut­ing your own sto­ry, check out the link to the meme on Miguel’s web­site. I’ve been blog­ging since 2004, being encour­aged by […]

Wisdom Games

At the moment I am stay­ing overnight at the Whid­bey Insti­tute here in Wash­ing­ton State, a retreat facil­i­ty hid­den away in the woods an hour or so from Seat­tle.  It is late dusk, and a light spring rain is falling over the dark­en­ing for­est that sur­rounds the place. Deer, like shad­ows, walk the lawns under […]

Issues and Problems

Hey, folks, I’ve recent­ly received some email about prob­lems post­ing on my site. I hope that is fixed. I’m work­ing from a Mac in Fire­fox and it all seems to be okay for me, but maybe not for you! Please do let me know about prob­lems view­ing, com­ment­ing, any­thing at all that seems to be […]