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Small World

In response to a request from long-time blogger, Miguel Guhlin, I’ve been asked to write something as part of a meme on “how blogging has rocked your world.” If you are interested in contributing your own story, check out the link to the meme on Miguel’s website. I’ve been blogging since 2004, being encouraged by […]

Wisdom Games

At the moment I am staying overnight at the Whidbey Institute here in Washington State, a retreat facility hidden away in the woods an hour or so from Seattle. It is late dusk, and a light spring rain is falling over the darkening forest that surrounds the place. Deer, like shadows, walk the lawns under […]

Issues and Problems

Hey, folks, I’ve recently received some email about problems posting on my site. I hope that is fixed. I’m working from a Mac in Firefox and it all seems to be okay for me, but maybe not for you! Please do let me know about problems viewing, commenting, anything at all that seems to be […]

Welcome to Unfolding Leadership Revised

I have moved to WordPress, just to get a little more versatility and update the “look” of the site. It’s been a fair amount of work messing around with templates, transferring and fixing posts and images. Hope you like it! Any problems, please leave a comment. Thanks.