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Welcome to Unfolding Leadership Revised

I have moved to WordPress, just to get a little more versatility and update the “look” of the site. It’s been a fair amount of work messing around with templates, transferring and fixing posts and images. Hope you like it! Any problems, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Why I Re-Named My Blog

Well, isn’t it obvious? Oestreich Associates is just my business name, not a descriptive name for what I am about. As leaders, as people, we are always growing and unfolding…our stories, our lives; our hearts, minds, and spirits. We unfold the way leaves unfold, blossoms, wings. It is a beautiful process, and not easy. This […]

Re-Creating the World

Hear me read this post. I’ve stayed away from posting anything in particular about the new year, mostly I guess because not much seems different. Crossing dates from one year to the next to me is much like driving across state lines. There’s a garish sign marking the spot and perhaps the surface of the […]

For Those of You Who May Have Wondered….

I am returning to my seat in front of the screen after some meaningful time off for a couple of trips…one to Wisconsin to visit the wonderful woman I have fallen madly in love with, and one with my son to Vancouver, BC just for fun. While in BC I did attend some great sessions […]