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Addressing Your Own Leadership Blind Spots

I’ve post­ed a sequence of three videos to YouTube on address­ing your own lead­er­ship blind spots. I felt using video might make this top­ic more direct and per­son­al.  Blind spots are tough. We all have them and they can be chal­leng­ing to root out — giv­en espe­cial­ly that we often pre­fer oth­ers do their work […]

If It’s Not a Clear Yes, It’s a No

If it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no. The phrase tests our clar­i­ty and com­mit­ment. It does­n’t apply in every sit­u­a­tion that might be answered, “maybe, maybe not.” Not every­thing can be or should be clear cut. But the phrase may have dis­tinc­tive val­ue when it is a way of ask­ing our­selves about situations […]

On “The End of Suffering” by Thích Nhất Hạnh

An arrest­ing med­i­ta­tion by Thích Nhất Hạnh came back to me the oth­er day. I first post­ed it sev­en years ago. I encour­age you to lis­ten to it again or for the first time.  The End of Suf­fer­ing May the sound of this bell pen­e­trate deep into the cos­mos Even in the dark­est spots liv­ing beings […]

The Tender Spot

I am design­ing a new lead­er­ship work­shop and recent­ly I asked a friend and col­league for some feed­back about the design. As we reviewed the mate­ri­als and exer­cis­es, he stopped at one point and said, “I think you are going too fast here. What you are ask­ing peo­ple to share about them­selves in this part […]