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Can You Forget Yourself?

Can you forget yourself, even for a moment? As a leader, someone responsible for accomplishing some larger purpose, do you know how? So many aspects of leadership seem to depend on it — true listening, for example, so that you can genuinely empathize, hearing with openness rather than closed expectations of what another will say. […]

The Future of Generative Organizations

It’s often said that organizations of the future will be flatter and less hierarchical, organized as networks and according to the principles of self-management. But that can’t happen without a fundamental shift in perspective even more basic — from competitive to generative organizations. Competitive organizations are ones that define their edge strategically over other organizations, […]

Why Talk About Leadership?

After reading Steven Denning’s article, “The Surprising Reasons Why America Lost Its Ability To Compete,” based on his reactions to a Harvard study, my first thought was about the need to discuss leadership. Please take a look at the article and study for yourself if you are able. The gist of Denning’s piece is that […]

Blue Marble

Could there be anything more worthwhile celebrating? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on twelve acres of land, half in pasture and orchard, half in woods. As a child, nature was my chief companion, so to pick out only one day, Earth Day, to honor our remarkable island in space, this blue marble, seems […]