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When the Animals Come

When the animals come, pay attention. Even if it is only a bush wren dancing among the branches, stop for a moment and praise this little being. She knows a deeper language than you may ever share. It doesn’t have to be some grandiose, inflated miracle — the white stag high up against the sky […]

When Will I Be Seen?

For many years I’ve been interested in “conditioning,” the process by which a person adopts beliefs, values, and patterns of thought. Conditioning represents automatic and unconscious learning that enables a child to fit with his or her family and community. Conditioning has its downsides. We pick up views of others and especially of ourselves that […]

The Problem With “Touchy-Feely”

There is no term that communicates quite so much irrevocable dismissal by managers in the business world than labeling an action or activity, “touchy-feely.” It is the most prevalent way of discarding information about people. The term suggests all those really icky “hygiene” demands of employees, dealing with the stuff of relationships in the workplace […]

Your Sweatshirt

It’s possible that the main job of a leader is to become free of yourself. Because if you cannot do that then you are destined to play out over and over only the ways of being that you already know. These ways may certainly be a gift in one sense, a strength that comes from […]