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A Little Piece on Mind Control

What do you allow your­self to think about? What do you keep from aware­ness? As your con­scious­ness moves over an array of pos­si­ble sub­jects and options, accept­ing some and deny­ing oth­ers, are you notic­ing its famil­iar habits? This is an expe­ri­ence of your own mind as both con­troller and con­trolled, an expe­ri­ence of how you […]

The Greater Journey

If lead­er­ship is about any­thing, it’s about over­com­ing obsta­cles, both exter­nal and inter­nal. Of the two, the inter­nal ones are often tougher because they require self-knowl­­edge and ini­tia­tive: a stren­u­ous demand for per­son­al growth and change. The irony is that we can know a great deal about these inter­nal chal­lenges, such as lack of confidence, […]

When the Animals Come

When the ani­mals come, pay atten­tion. Even if it is only a bush wren danc­ing among the branch­es, stop for a moment and praise this lit­tle being. She knows a deep­er lan­guage than you may ever share. It does­n’t have to be some grandiose, inflat­ed mir­a­cle – the white stag high up against the sky or the house lion […]

When Will I Be Seen?

For many years I’ve been inter­est­ed in “con­di­tion­ing,” the process by which a per­son adopts beliefs, val­ues, and pat­terns of thought. Con­di­tion­ing rep­re­sents auto­mat­ic and uncon­scious learn­ing that enables a child to fit with his or her fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty.  Con­di­tion­ing has its down­sides. We pick up views of oth­ers and espe­cial­ly of our­selves that […]