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When Will I Be Seen?

For many years I’ve been inter­est­ed in “con­di­tion­ing,” the process by which a per­son adopts beliefs, val­ues, and pat­terns of thought. Con­di­tion­ing rep­re­sents auto­mat­ic and uncon­scious learn­ing that enables a child to fit with his or her fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty.  Con­di­tion­ing has its down­sides. We pick up views of oth­ers and espe­cial­ly of our­selves that […]

The Problem With “Touchy-Feely”

There is no term that com­mu­ni­cates quite so much irrev­o­ca­ble dis­missal by man­agers in the busi­ness world than label­ing an action or activ­i­ty, “touchy-feely.” It is the most preva­lent way of dis­card­ing infor­ma­tion about peo­ple. The term sug­gests all those real­ly icky “hygiene” demands of employ­ees, deal­ing with the stuff of rela­tion­ships in the workplace […]

Your Sweatshirt

It’s pos­si­ble that the main job of a leader is to become free of your­self. Because if you can­not do that then you are des­tined to play out over and over only the ways of being that you already know. These ways may cer­tain­ly be a gift in one sense, a strength that comes from […]

Living Into Being

This is the last of five posts on find­ing free­dom from roles and life-scripts that inter­fere with effec­tive lead­er­ship and per­son­al ful­fill­ment. If you like, you can hear me read this post. The oth­er posts are: The Jour­ney of Unlearn­ing Lead­ing is Not Act­ing: What Roles Do You Play? The Cost of the Script Dis­cern­ing Untruth: Creative […]