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What do I want?

What do I want? That’s almost as powerful a question as “Who am I?” For when we don’t express what we want in a true and heart-felt way — first and foremost to ourselves — we lose a vital part of our joy in being exactly who we are. Ironically, in a society that over-values […]

For My Mother

Jane Hedwig Stahmer Oestreich 12/5/1911 — 3/5/2012 A memory: light sweeps around our lovely wooden house and I on stilts tramp my circuit with wooden feet. I balance each corner’s turn, pass the shadows where once the coal was kept, and climb a hill of lilacs toward our sunlit kitchen. Within the house you smiled […]

Mother’s Day

I visited my 98-year old mother yesterday. She lives in a nursing home and is very well cared for. She has a lovely room to herself with pictures and books and memorabilia to surround her. When we arrived she was napping and when she saw it was me she said after a few moments, “Get […]

Losing Weight

It so happens that I’m participating in Weight Watchers these days. So far I have lost about 26 pounds, and intend to lose more. I attend the meetings with my wife every Saturday morning. When we first started attending, I thought I would be bored. I have been anything but. What I have been fascinated […]