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An Old, Universal Idea

Getting out of our own way is the biggest challenge. Whether we struggle with hubris or shame (or some of each), the challenge is waking up to what transcends our personal beliefs and mindsets, our collective conditioning, our inner and outer cultures that like mist on a window obscure our view of what’s real. Putting […]

On Self-Confrontation

One could almost say the heart of reflective leadership is the capacity for self-confrontation. It is not really a skill. It is more a “psychological move,” a mental and emotional re-positioning to look very honestly at oneself and one’s situation. Without it, we have no way to accurately judge or respond to situations, especially when […]

What do I want?

What do I want? That’s almost as powerful a question as “Who am I?” For when we don’t express what we want in a true and heart-felt way — first and foremost to ourselves — we lose a vital part of our joy in being exactly who we are. Ironically, in a society that over-values […]

For My Mother

Jane Hedwig Stahmer Oestreich 12/5/1911 — 3/5/2012 A memory: light sweeps around our lovely wooden house and I on stilts tramp my circuit with wooden feet. I balance each corner’s turn, pass the shadows where once the coal was kept, and climb a hill of lilacs toward our sunlit kitchen. Within the house you smiled […]