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The Mean Turn

There are times when I might unknowingly frighten or intimidate another person. And there are times when another person might also unknowingly frighten or intimidate me. This awareness causes me to think about human disconnections, how they arise and how we must address them, for all too often, unaddressed, they move us backwards towards becoming […]

Leadership Feedback, Leadership Wounds

In one way or another, leaders are always receiving feedback. Sometimes it is from the voiced reactions of people at a meeting they are guiding. Sometimes it is more formal, for example from a staff survey or 360 degree appraisal process. As a consultant and coach, I’ve noticed a fairly common pattern in the process […]

On Self-Confrontation

One could almost say the heart of reflective leadership is the capacity for self-confrontation. It is not really a skill. It is more a “psychological move,” a mental and emotional re-positioning to look very honestly at oneself and one’s situation. Without it, we have no way to accurately judge or respond to situations, especially when […]

Do You Know What Your Leadership Journey Is?

Phrases like “leadership journey” and “leadership path” frequently are thrown around. We may have an intuitive sense of what they mean as code for the story of our own personal growth. But if someone asked you directly, what is that story for you, could you be articulate? There is so much jargon, so many “round […]