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The Point of Feedback is Understanding

It seems obvi­ous does­n’t it — the rea­son we take the time to have tough con­ver­sa­tions with one anoth­er is to cre­ate bet­ter under­stand­ing. With that new under­stand­ing in place the oth­er per­son can then choose to grow into bet­ter ways of mov­ing in the world. He or she may choose, for exam­ple, to become […]

Three Spirits

I used to muse with my friend Tom Fur­ness, founder of the Human Inter­face Tech­nol­o­gy Lab, about an imag­i­nary Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty app. The idea would be to put on a VR hel­met to par­tic­i­pate a jour­ney of spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing. My thoughts nev­er went very far with this idea, except to hold some vague imagery: immersion […]

The Mean Turn

There are times when I might unknow­ing­ly fright­en or intim­i­date anoth­er per­son. And there are times when anoth­er per­son might also unknow­ing­ly fright­en or intim­i­date me. This aware­ness caus­es me to think about human discon­nec­tions, how they arise and how we must address them, for all too often, unad­dressed, they move us back­wards towards becoming […]

Leadership Feedback, Leadership Wounds

In one way or anoth­er, lead­ers are always receiv­ing feed­back. Some­times it is from the voiced reac­tions of peo­ple at a meet­ing they are guid­ing. Some­times it is more for­mal, for exam­ple from a staff sur­vey or 360 degree appraisal process. As a con­sul­tant and coach, I’ve noticed a fair­ly com­mon pat­tern in the process […]