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What If

What if at the cen­ter of the labyrinth you found only a lit­tle boy, fright­ened, frail as a moth­’s wing? How could such a crea­ture sur­vive the world’s crude play, the knife in the eye of the stranger? No one knows how hard the cas­ing of a seed or the true mean­ing of of a snail’s intri­cate shell. If some­thing must be endured […]

Letter to the Chief Culture Officer

An emerg­ing trend seems to be hir­ing some­one to oper­ate as a com­pa­ny’s “Chief Cul­ture Offi­cer.” You can find out a bit more about the con­cept of a CCO here, here, and here. As I thought about this new role, I imag­ined a mem­ber of a com­pa­ny, part of some divi­sion, writ­ing to a new […]

Cross-Over Points

Most of us live in mul­ti­ple worlds simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, the world of our pro­fes­sion­al life and our per­son­al life prob­a­bly the most obvi­ous exam­ple. Much of the time this com­part­men­tal­iz­ing helps us main­tain bal­ance, but some­times it also cre­ates a per­son with mul­ti­ple souls, none of which is entire­ly ful­filled. Inso­far as we man­age the balance, […]

Wall Street, 2008

Wall Street, 2008 Grin’s promise loot­ed trust and hus­tled many Gilt scams on fun’s install­ment plan, Then loaded trust into its mini­van But dropped nicked dime and tar­nished pen­ny, Torn five. Our firm now wob­bles, teeters. I scour want ads, hunt for hon­est lead­ers. –David D. Horowitz This work by David D. Horowitz has been select­ed as […]