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What If

What if at the center of the labyrinth you found only a little boy, frightened, frail as a moth’s wing? How could such a creature survive the world’s crude play, the knife in the eye of the stranger? No one knows how hard the casing of a seed or the true meaning of of a […]

Letter to the Chief Culture Officer

An emerging trend seems to be hiring someone to operate as a company’s “Chief Culture Officer.” You can find out a bit more about the concept of a CCO here, here, and here. As I thought about this new role, I imagined a member of a company, part of some division, writing to a new […]

Cross-Over Points

Most of us live in multiple worlds simultaneously, the world of our professional life and our personal life probably the most obvious example. Much of the time this compartmentalizing helps us maintain balance, but sometimes it also creates a person with multiple souls, none of which is entirely fulfilled. Insofar as we manage the balance, […]

Wall Street, 2008

Wall Street, 2008 Grin’s promise looted trust and hustled many Gilt scams on fun’s installment plan, Then loaded trust into its minivan But dropped nicked dime and tarnished penny, Torn five. Our firm now wobbles, teeters. I scour want ads, hunt for honest leaders. –David D. Horowitz This work by David D. Horowitz has been […]