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America’s Blind Spot

As a coach and con­sul­tant, the two most com­mon prob­lems I deal with are lead­er­ship blind spots and the chal­lenge of stand­ing up in one’s work and being real. Of course, there are many oth­er issues, but these are the biggest vec­tors in my prac­tice.  Since George Floyd was mur­dered, Amer­i­ca as a soci­ety once […]

The Context

Out of nature comes a sense of ulti­mate con­text. Writer Gary Fer­gu­son asks: “…who would­n’t feel a twitch of bewil­der­ment to think that 99.99999 per­cent of our body is com­prised of the emp­ty space that exists between the elec­trons, neu­trons, and pro­tons — each one of those an ele­ment of the atoms that give us […]

On Transience

Out­side my office win­dow the wind comes up in a tree that yes­ter­day had been a sin­gle big red bon­fire. Now, half the branch­es are bare, the leaves tossed around and away like bright embers. I’ve missed the pho­to­graph I had want­ed to take of the full red tree. Mean­while the lake across the street and […]

The Darkness Is Not Yet Complete

I am dis­ap­point­ed in our coun­try. Focused on win­ning, it is in fact filled with the defeat of our democ­ra­cy. I admit, because it often just seems so hope­less attempt­ing to cross the divide, I find myself resist­ing polit­i­cal argu­ments and exchanges. George Lakof­f’s descrip­tion of the con­ser­v­a­tive moral hier­ar­chy is enough of an explanation […]