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World Beyond Our World

The other day on NPR I listened to the story of 9/11 survivor, Brian Clark, a now retired executive vice president for Euro Bankers, who had been at work in the South Tower that day fifteen years ago. He is one of the few survivors to get out of the building from above where the […]

On Worthiness

In many ways, worthiness is the very first and the very last topic of leadership. From the start a leader is someone who is concerned with knowing and relying upon his or her self-value. Without it the person who wants to lead, to create change, to bring people together around a new idea or movement […]

Demons and Angels

In a world of proffered quick fixes — do these four things, take on these five steps — all honor goes to the leader who ignores superficial wisdom and takes on the real task, the inner demon, the one that has been there all along. This demon, of course, is some aspect of self, and […]

Small World

In response to a request from long-time blogger, Miguel Guhlin, I’ve been asked to write something as part of a meme on “how blogging has rocked your world.” If you are interested in contributing your own story, check out the link to the meme on Miguel’s website. I’ve been blogging since 2004, being encouraged by […]