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The Future of Generative Organizations

It’s often said that organizations of the future will be flatter and less hierarchical, organized as networks and according to the principles of self-management. But that can’t happen without a fundamental shift in perspective even more basic — from competitive to generative organizations. Competitive organizations are ones that define their edge strategically over other organizations, […]

Why Talk About Leadership?

After reading Steven Denning’s article, “The Surprising Reasons Why America Lost Its Ability To Compete,” based on his reactions to a Harvard study, my first thought was about the need to discuss leadership. Please take a look at the article and study for yourself if you are able. The gist of Denning’s piece is that […]

There. Manage by That.

Recently, Chris Grams over at the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) sent out a group report on using “communities of passion” to help achieve MIX’s stated goal — reinvent management. It’s a great report and a great project, and I encourage you take a few moments to look over the findings and discoveries. In responding to […]

Say Their Silence

Rosa Say has said it better than anybody this week regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden. In a beautiful, moving post titled, “Hello? These are your values speaking,” she recommends a process of reflection to answer the internal questions we might have about our own private reactions to the event. photo by Like […]