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The Politics of Contempt

All you have to do these days is read just about any polit­i­cal post — say on Face­book if not some oth­er favorite web­site –and then go to the com­ments sec­tion: Per­son A: “Per­son B, what a liar! You should be forced to prove your accu­sa­tion. Peo­ple like you are ene­mies of the state” Per­son C: […]

On Abuse of Human Freedom

I asked that div­ina­tion tool, The I Ching (The Book of Changes) what to do in the wake of last week’s shock­ing elec­tion results. It told me first to keep still (Hexa­gram 52. Kên | Keep­ing Still, Moun­tain) for awhile, with move­ment in the sec­ond line, sug­gest­ing there is an unstop­pable tra­jec­to­ry to the situation, […]

When the Animals Come

When the ani­mals come, pay atten­tion. Even if it is only a bush wren danc­ing among the branch­es, stop for a moment and praise this lit­tle being. She knows a deep­er lan­guage than you may ever share. It does­n’t have to be some grandiose, inflat­ed mir­a­cle – the white stag high up against the sky or the house lion […]

Waking Up the World

It is a strange time, he said to me. No one can ques­tion that. Dai­ly life goes on, but against a frac­tured back­ground. Trust is naive, would­n’t you say? And our imag­ined, much laud­ed future for a long time’s been lit­tle more than a bro­ken puz­zle. Prob­lems have mount­ed, would­n’t you say? A pile of fire­wood just wait­ing for a match? Meanwhile, […]