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Leadership and Co-Design

Although the term, co-design, has more specific, formal meanings, I like to think of it very informally as two or more people thinking together as equals about some specific change they want to make. In my field of organization dynamics, that could be shifting how the work is done or how an organization is structured, […]

A Spiral Model of Change

I have always felt that organizational change simply could not be linear. Somehow the notion that shifts in structure, culture, technology, processes and systems could be introduced according to some fixed recipe has always grieved me, as if it missed the most important components, the deeper humanity of changing what is toward what can or […]

Leading Change in a VUCA World

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the nature of what it takes to create and respond to meaningful change these days. Yesterday, I brainstormed the following after reading an article by John Kotter, one of the most respected culture change experts. How would you modify what I’ve written? What would you add? In a […]

On Emotional Freedom

After I posted “Leadership and Shame” on August 14th, I noticed other related articles appeared. Samatha S. Hall posted “Co-dependency and Relationships,” regarding the way shame translates into problematic coping mechanisms. Kate Nasser published “Leading & Inspiring Through Shame?” about avoiding the temptation to shame others as a motivational technique. And Vincent Nix shared some […]