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The Dance of Light and Dark

Hear me read this post. A per­son­’s life is a dance. A flow­ing move­ment, a pat­tern and a break­ing pat­tern, a turn and a reverse. And, yes, also more than a sin­gle mis­step. There is no one right way to do it and so you prac­tice align­ment with your image of what the dance is […]

The Dance

There’s an improv exer­cise about lead­er­ship I learned some years ago from actor, Bar­ry Callen, in Madi­son, Wis­con­sin. Although I’ve lost track of Bar­ry, he impressed me with his capa­bil­i­ty to help peo­ple learn about some­thing com­plex from some­thing sim­ple, phys­i­cal, and fun. Here’s the exer­cise: Two peo­ple stand face to face. In the first […]