Monthly Archives: December 2004

The Way It Is

A guest to our homes is arriving tonight — named 2005. We can treat this guest well in a multitude of ways, most immediately by giving generously to tsunami relief. As we learn more about the devastation and the number of deaths continues to climb, it is imperative that we all contribute to the relief […]

The Practice of Leadership

Recently, I have begun to feel that leadership is much more about practices than about competencies. Management is full of competencies — technical ones, project management ones, financial ones, even interpersonal ones. But leadership draws from deeper waters of the soul. How would I develop a “competency” for honesty or for inspiration or for sensitivity […]

Millions of them hanging around….

From the Annunciation, Leonardo

The Lost Art of Gratitude

I had one of those lucky, unexpected conversations last night with a couple of colleagues, Bob Berntson, the Managing Partner of Berntson Porter & Company and Annalee Luhman, Learning & Leadership Manager for the Port of Seattle. As our talk moved from recapping the year to recapping bigger parts of our lives, we found ourselves […]