Monthly Archives: January 2005

Third Practice: Caring for Self

For more context on this post, please see: The Practice of Leadership Eight Leadership Practices First Practice: Knowing Your Leadership Edge Second Practice: Developing Your Comfort Level with Feedback Fourth Practice: Leadership and Influence Fifth Practice: Discussing Undiscussables Sixth Practice: On Collaborating Seventh Practice: Personal Integrity Eighth Practice: Spiritual Perspective The practice of self-care begins […]

A Blessing from Leslie LeMieux

A few posts back, I mentioned a powerful question that marks the transition into truly transparent leadership: “What is my gift to mankind?” I want to introduce you to someone who is making such a gift to mankind through her exquisite talents as a psychic. If you are reacting to the term, “psychic,” please check […]

The Unfolding That Cannot Be Contained

Before I move on to a post about the Third Practice (Self-Care), I want to explore a question that has been simmering for a couple days in conversations with my great friend and colleague, Jay Howell. Our topic has been what we see happening to the word, “leader.” I have found it fascinating that searching […]

The Island of Self

I just got back from a technorati search under keyword, “leadership.” There were 86,586 entries to consider, and yet as I thumbed through them I kept hearing that old line from a Bruce Springsteen song about cable television: “there was fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on.” After visiting a few sites that expressed great anger because […]