Monthly Archives: February 2005

The Dance

There’s an improv exercise about leadership I learned some years ago from actor, Barry Callen, in Madison, Wisconsin. Although I’ve lost track of Barry, he impressed me with his capability to help people learn about something complex from something simple, physical, and fun. Here’s the exercise: Two people stand face to face. In the first […]

For Those of You Who May Have Wondered….

I am returning to my seat in front of the screen after some meaningful time off for a couple of trips…one to Wisconsin to visit the wonderful woman I have fallen madly in love with, and one with my son to Vancouver, BC just for fun. While in BC I did attend some great sessions […]

Holy Toledo!

Oestreich Associates [now Unfolding leadership] has been nominated for best business leadership blog. Wow! So now I have a personal goal: I’d like to get more than 3% of the vote. So if you are inclined to help, you can vote, too. Voting closes on 2/16/05. Thanks to all of you — and especially whoever […]

It’s an Ego Thing

It is one of those mornings when, too early, I find myself on a jet headed east from Seattle. Thankfully, though I am in the last row of coach at the window, there is a seat between me and the guy who sits down at the aisle. At least, I can stretch out my elbows. […]