Monthly Archives: February 2005

On Finding a Mirror

Reading once again the reflections of those of you who responded to the post, The Unfolding That Cannot Be Contained, I am deeply struck by the different ways we come at our notions of this thing we call leadership. From Ashley’s comment about “surrendering to power that moves through and honoring the power in all,” […]

A Leader is a Community Builder

Please see Jay’s terrific Leadership Ramble #1 under the post, The Unfolding That Cannot be Contained. It’s a treat. Thank you so much, Jay, for taking the time to add your insights. They are wonderful!

Instruments of Change

I feel like I’ve stumbled out of the forest to find an incredible new meeting ground filled with many wonderful people and defined by so many exceptional personal reflections. Recently, the beginnings of new conversation happened here, starting from my post on feedback. Nancy White summarizes the thread, including the great comments offered by Rosanna […]