Monthly Archives: October 2005

What is Self-Knowledge?

It is knowledge of my own conditioning – literally understanding everything that prevents me from total freedom; everything that is based on fear; everthing that is past in me; everything that causes me to behave in ways that I know at the core are destructive to self and/or others (destructive to the human spirit in […]

Master of All Situations

A reader, Marianne Powers, astutely suggested I reflect on where I learned to see truth in myself and others – a wonderful task that ought to take just about the rest of my life to figure out. However, something did come to me almost immediately: I remembered a book my mother gave me when I […]

A Thread of Consciousness

Openness is like a thread of consciousness spanning points that are often totally unconscious. The head of a manufacturing firm owned by a major national corporation was talking to me about the senior management team that reported to him. He asked me as a consultant, “Why aren’t they more open with me? Why don’t they […]


Openness is an essential condition of living well. To be open means to be receptive to new information, ideas, and experiences – to be genuinely sensitive to the world around us, available to what is new and fresh, unblocked by the filters of past conditioning. It means to rise out of the grooves of habit […]