Monthly Archives: November 2005

Things that Open

I think of things that open; bright windows, the wings of birds, old locks and prophetic books, our eyes and thoughts and minds; As songs, as scenes and plays, as stories open, as a pause opens an inevitable conversation, as bonds between us will open, releasing us so that yet another way can open; As […]

Last Thoughts on Openness: A Summary of What I Have Learned

Openness is a psychological and spiritual movement that is at once vulnerable and strong. It is not just showing emotion in the workplace or telling someone else how bad he or she is. Rather it is the revelation of a personal self in an effort to touch, connect with and engage another person. It is […]

The Devil’s Triangle

Not the area bounded by the tip of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, so called because it is the mysterious graveyard of ships and planes that have simply vanished. This one is much closer to home. Known as “triangulation” in relationships, it happens when two people talk about a third person when he or she […]