Monthly Archives: January 2006

Fifth Practice: Discussing Undiscussables

Hear Dan read this post. For more context on this posting, please see: The Practice of Leadership Eight Leadership Practices First Practice: Knowing Your Leadership Edge Second Practice: Developing Your Comfort Level with Feedback Third Practice: Caring for Self Fourth Practice: Leadership and Influence Sixth Practice: On Collaborating Seventh Practice: Personal Integrity Eighth Practice: Spiritual […]

On Whole-Hearted Reflection

Hear me read this post. A few days ago I posted a few “reflections,” which I described as a little less than full-fledged meditations and a little more than thoughtful prose. Hmmmm. I’ve been thinking about this definition, and also about why reflections might be valuable to anybody as they consider ways to strengthen their […]

Three Reflections

Make no mistake, if you think you have it bad, it could be so much worse. One only has to look out for a few moments across the landscape of the blogosphere to find deep suffering — it’s enough to be paralyzed in grief. And yet, I do believe we also work pretty hard most […]

The Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love

A friend sent me a copy of a beautiful and remarkable speech made by his 17 year-old daughter, Clare, to her school last Friday. With permission from Clare and her father, I reprint it here along with her photo. It is an honor to be invited to speak briefly on behalf of myself and my […]