Monthly Archives: March 2006

At the Water-Line

Hear me read this post. Many years ago I came across a remarkable model, known as the cultural iceberg. Developed by Stanley Herman of TRW Systems in 1970, it describes some of the most important workplace dynamics that any of us could ever know about. The top part of the iceberg represents the visible, formal […]

For the Future

Hear me read this post. Today I had lunch with my friend, Karen Sela of Lumina Coaching. As we discussed the dilemmas of writing and voice and Presence, she reminded me that we can either get stuck in the present, what is happening now, and what seems to be the answer today, or we can […]

A Few Images of Puerto Rico

The weather was almost indecently beautiful, so different from the drive-you-inside-to-work, puritanical drizzles of winter in Seattle. Instead the air and sun were soft and warm, and only lightly salted with Caribbean sea-scent. I was there to teach a class on coaching skills, but in the evenings and for a couple of extra days I […]