Monthly Archives: June 2006

Points of Healing

Hear me read this post. The important thing to know is what is healing. There is a place in all of us — a difficult spot — where something is felt that is literally unbearable. It is too simple to say what we feel is pain. It is a kind of pain: anger, embarrassment, despair, […]

World on Fire

I am reposting this from Daniel O’Connor’s great blog, Catallaxis. Daniel’s site offers a sophistocated discusson of enlightened economic models. And it is clear where his heart is. Thank you, Daniel. Daniel wrote: This latest video from Sarah McLachlan is a powerful way to think about issues of price and value… specifically, the very different […]

The Long Road

Hear Dan read this post. Someone I knew ran off this road returning home late one night. He had been drinking and died in the accident that everyone knew wasn’t one. I heard about this a couple months ago just after it happened. I didn’t know him that well, but well enough to be really […]

The Dance of Light and Dark

Hear me read this post. A person’s life is a dance. A flowing movement, a pattern and a breaking pattern, a turn and a reverse. And, yes, also more than a single misstep. There is no one right way to do it and so you practice alignment with your image of what the dance is […]