Monthly Archives: July 2006

Snowflakes in a Raging Fire

Hear me read this post. It behooves us in this world of Desire — for accomplishment and self-realization, for possessions and love — to know which parts of ourselves are driven by self, and which are expressed from Self. We are so good at fooling ourselves in this hall of mirrors, failing to notice the […]

Welcome to Unfolding Leadership Revised

I have moved to WordPress, just to get a little more versatility and update the “look” of the site. It’s been a fair amount of work messing around with templates, transferring and fixing posts and images. Hope you like it! Any problems, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Who Heals the Healer?

Hear me read this post. Well, the obvious answer is we are all one another’s healers. Through simple acts of appreciation, a willingness to listen, the offering of new perspectives and ideas, just a touch, perhaps — all of which may trigger an inner connection or two, and a resolution to something that may have […]