Monthly Archives: August 2006

Everything You Wanted to Know About Me But Were Afraid to Ask

Well, this may be way too much self-disclosure, but here goes! The slides form a sequence. And while they do not seem to have any special relationship to “leadership,”per se, I assure you the same dynamics show up elsewhere and in many subtle ways. This causes me alternatively to laugh right out loud at myself […]

Washing My Face

Hear Dan read this post. We all want to know where the point of transformation lies. I would say it is in “no space,” the place we come to after exhausting everything we know…and everything we are, a point of pure meditation. The current theory base, exemplified by Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U”, suggests exactly this […]

A Caress of the World

Hear me read this post. My grandfather was a part-time orchardist and a part-time painter. This was at a time, close to the Great Depression, when being a good water colorist still meant a chance to paint for the covers of well-known magazines. One family legend is that he would sell on the street the […]

Can People Change?

Hear me read this post. Because I teach others coaching skills, I am often asked, “Do you think people really can change?” If there is time for a discussion, I may reply with my own question, “Well, do you think you can change?” Participants are commonly undecided, and even if they see themselves as able […]