Monthly Archives: December 2006


One year I brought home a Christmas tree but it was too late to put it up, so I left it tied onto the top of my car. The next morning I came out to find a long boa of white feathers wound through the branches. Convinced it was angels who put it there, I […]

Holding Ourselves Back

If you like, you can listen to me read this post. Recently, I’ve been greatly inspired by the passionate writing of Evelyn Rodriguez at her Crossroads Dispatches blog. In a couple of recent postings, “The Time Has Come to Be Fearless” and especially her eloquent and heart-felt follow-up, “Still Fearless,” she explores what I would […]

Deep Loneliness and the Raft of Self

Anyone who has taken the risk to live their personal meanings is likely to come up against a difficult fact: that to live in this chosen (and destined) way may also mean deep loneliness. It is not always so, of course, but unless you are willing to fully surrender to where your destiny might lead […]

Leadership Poems

If you like, listen to me read this post. As I’ve checked my blog stats lately, I’ve found many searches for “leadership poems” or “poems about leadership.” I’m assuming this represents an unmet need, if only as the product of some classroom assignment somewhere around the world. I can hear it now, “Write an essay […]