Monthly Archives: December 2006

What! More Self-Disclosure! The Tag Meme Rules!

So I’ve been tagged by Rosa Say with the new game among bloggers. It’s all about sharing five things you might not know about me — and once I’ve gone through this big disclosure thing, I get to tag five more people. Cool! Yes, but Rosa made it even more challenging for me. She couldn’t […]

The Year of Failing Forward

If you like, you can listen to me read this post. My connection with the popular concept of failing forward, articulated by John Maxwell, goes back to 1994 when I was forty-four years old. That was my tenth year of consulting, but only my fourth year, full time. I was working at a hospital near […]

Issues and Problems

Hey, folks, I’ve recently received some email about problems posting on my site. I hope that is fixed. I’m working from a Mac in Firefox and it all seems to be okay for me, but maybe not for you! Please do let me know about problems viewing, commenting, anything at all that seems to be […]