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Do Not Forget

As if you would forget … Do whatever you can to support this magnificent work in Seattle. I’ll be there! Technorati Tags: Changing the World, Consciousness, Radiance, Sustainability

Addressing -2: What to Do When Team Trust is All But Gone

In my last post I offered a survey on trust levels to help groups determine how they are fairing as a team and what steps might help improve internal relationships. Of the levels described in the survey, from +2, “Ideal,” to -2 “Disintegrating,” it is the -2 level that represents the most sensitive challenge. What […]

Team Trust Levels Survey

I want to share with you a survey I put together to help teams talk about their relationships with one another and take steps to improve them. You can download it as a pdf here. This material first came to mind about sixteen years ago. I happened to be working with the City Council for […]