Monthly Archives: January 2008

Okay, Brave Souls, More on Leadership Poems

Here’s the deal. Fully 75% of the hits to this site are from people in search of “leadership poems,” or some variation on that theme. Yet no one actively contributes to the collection. Is there a misunderstanding here about where leadership poems come from? Indeed, I think so. They don’t come from famous leaders particularly, […]

What is Reflective Leadership?

The other day I was throwing around the words, “reflective leadership” when a client stopped me and asked me to explain exactly what I meant. I found myself using a familar tool in the human development field, the Johari Window, created by Joe Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955. The model is a way to […]

A Poem on Leading

We want to think that something as elusive and strong as a butterfly’s wing can be contained by the fine filigree of language;  that there are words that say what can’t be said about the essence. Once and for all. If you’ve read  all the books you still won’t know (I’ve tried)  though your head […]

The Foundation of Such a Method….

Today, I watched Colin Powell on the television show, “The View,” speaking briefly about Martin Luther King, Jr. as the non-violent leader of the “second Civil War” in this country. I was struck by the notion of a second Civil War because it does so aptly describe what must be acknowledged: cultures change slowly and […]