Monthly Archives: November 2008

Struggling to Find the Heart

struggling to find the heart many focusing on darkness won’t see won’t wait for a tiny bud of light won’t see how it gathers to itself shattering the whole huge black pearl at once how the sky explodes petal upon irreducible petal a mandala becomes a world a mirror a self yet if just a […]

Learning Happens Out of Love for the Soul

Recently, a supervisor who had attended one of my courses sent me a short follow-up note on some of the work she is doing to manage conflict in her work unit. I replied, adding this thought: “learning happens out of love for the soul, not self-criticism.” You may infer from this that the supervisor’s note […]

A Window on Leadership

I think Dick Richards has done in a few short lines about as well as anybody could do to summarize one of the important meanings of Barack Obama’s election. In a post (now lost to hackers) he shared a connection for him between the shooting of John F. Kennedy and the election of Barack Obama, […]