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On Being For One Another

My mother and father were seventeen years old in 1929, so I grew up hearing about the Great Depression. I recall the stories, mostly from my mother, about how millionaires jumped from windows on Wall Street as they realized their fortunes were worthless. My father’s stories were also extreme. He had been a refugee in […]

Forces of Destruction (and the Daily Triumph of the Human Spirit)

I learned the term “forces of destruction” many years ago from W. Edwards Deming, the late management guru who greatly enlarged this country’s understanding of quality — in products and services…and the life of people at work. He used the term to denote all the ways we are conditioned to compete against one another, and […]

Something Larger Than Yourself

Just before the inauguration, Parade Magazine published a letter Barack Obama wrote to his daughters, Malia and Sasha. It is a touching letter, and repeats the off-heard theme that I have quoted above: we don’t achieve our potentials, can’t achieve them, without finding something larger than our own interests. The president’s letter to his daughters […]

A Historic Moment: Then, Now….

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