Monthly Archives: April 2009

Learning from a Living Image

In my last two posts on Self-Trust (here for Part I and here for Part II) you probably noticed a strong emphasis on images and metaphors. In Part I the image of the river and ferryman are dominant, leading in Part II to an exploration of the image of the temple. I have used these […]

On Self-Trust, Part II — the Temple

My last post was about how we can foster self-trust as the central means to overcoming “stuckness” and conflict that holds us back from fulfilling our leadership potentials. If leading is responding to the call to stand in an exposed place in order to change the order of things, then by definition leading relies on […]

On Self-Trust, Part I — the River

Recently I wrote about the essence of leadership as responding to “the call to stand in an exposed place and bring change to the order of things.” I used the example of someone with less power and stature speaking up at an important meeting where she risked the possibility of her ideas being dismissed — […]

Blue Marble

Could there be anything more worthwhile celebrating? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on twelve acres of land, half in pasture and orchard, half in woods. As a child, nature was my chief companion, so to pick out only one day, Earth Day, to honor our remarkable island in space, this blue marble, seems […]