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For Rosa and Dick. The other day I found myself in a state of complaint. The recession, of course, and what it has done to my business. It’s clear, adding up the cancelled work for this year that I have lost a significant amount. I wrote to a good friend, Tom, about my state of […]

Wall Street, 2008

Wall Street, 2008 Grin’s promise looted trust and hustled many Gilt scams on fun’s installment plan, Then loaded trust into its minivan But dropped nicked dime and tarnished penny, Torn five. Our firm now wobbles, teeters. I scour want ads, hunt for honest leaders. –David D. Horowitz This work by David D. Horowitz has been […]

Is Leadership a Calling?

We often think of a calling as a job that doesn’t make much money but has public benefit. Ministers, teachers, social workers, artists of all kinds, as if this work should be done without pay precisely because of its intrinsic lack of self-interest. You know what I mean: a Vocation, capital V. Maybe the sort […]

The More Things Change….

Shuffling through moldering overheads, I found an old presentation I used to do called, “Strategies for Reinventing Yourself.” It began with a recitation from perennial management guru, Tom Peters. I’ve lost the citation, I’m afraid, but since this is ancient history, circa 1993, it probably came from a book, speech or article of his around […]