Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Gifts of Age: Part 2

Whatever we believe to be our gifts of age, it seems impossible to conclude anything but that they derive from experience. This is true not only for the gifts mentioned in Part I — freedom from making judgments, inner confidence, acceptance and fruition — but for so many others unmentioned so far, such as wisdom, […]

The Gifts of Age: Part 1

I asked Dan Oestreich and Deb Call to join with me (I’m Dick Richards) in creating a post about “the gifts of age” because it seemed that we were each plowing that field in our individual blogs. So this is a collaborative effort and it has been my privilege to put our thoughts together and […]

The God Who Has My Back

I have been thinking about a phrase I used in my last post about self-trust. Symbolically, I said, I have “a god at my back,” meaning simply that there is an energy that supports me from within when I meet difficult circumstances. Many people report having this sense, and know it has gotten them through […]