Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Little Shop of Wisdom

Perhaps because I’ve been working on money management and taxes lately, I have been forced to consider what I do for a living. The conversation with myself seemed to go in circles today until this strange oxymoronic phrase came to mind: selling wisdom. As in, “You can’t be serious, you do what?” The phrase had […]


Recently within the Leadership Think Tank discussion group of LinkedIn, a rather long thread has evolved and taken on a life of its own regarding whether it is possible for people to change. It seems many of us have something to say about it! I have written elsewhere about this subject, and also added my […]

Sixth Practice: On Collaborating

For more context on this posting, please see: The Practice of Leadership Eight Leadership Practices First Practice: Knowing Your Leadership Edge Second Practice: Developing Your Comfort Level with Feedback Third Practice: Caring for Self Fourth Practice: Leadership and Influence Fifth Practice: Discussing Undiscussables Seventh Practice: Personal Integrity Eighth Practice: Spiritual Perspective Collaborating is the name […]

Secret Selves

Last night a dream about my father awakened me. He died last February at the age of 96. In the dream my older brother and I were talking to him about the Holocaust. As a young man my dad had escaped the rise of the Nazis in Germany by leaving the country. He rarely talked […]