Monthly Archives: January 2010

On Appreciation

Would it be too much to say that all growth emerges from appreciation? You or I take a class, for example, in “music appreciation.” We find ourselves becoming sensitive in new ways to the aesthetic value of music. Or we recognize one day what a parent or mentor did for us and we feel appreciative […]

The Evaluation of Management and Other Leadership Responsibilities

In my last post, I opened the question of business models that help us transcend a mindset of “disposable workers.” It’s a tough question because it calls for discernment — the ability to judge well. And judgment, you know, is a notorious source of projection, misinterpretation, bias, and many other follies. I prefer to think […]

Walmart is Us

A recent article on “The Disposable Worker” (thank you, Rosa) has me ruminating about our culture. Especially after learning that Walmart and Kelly Services are the two largest employers in the United States beyond the Federal Government. Walmart alone has 1.8 million employees, and has been subject to considerable controversy regarding its business practices. Kelly […]

A Perfect Example of Leadership Development Baloney

Thanks to the December Leadership Development Carnival at Inflexion Point and a great post by Wally Bock, I came across this article from