Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Power of Accessible Leadership

[Update for June 3, 2010: Based on feedback, I have significantly revised this paper. The material is largely the same, but it has been re-ordered to an extent, cut in some places, amplified in others. It is now titled: “Following Self: How Leaders Can Stop Defending and Start Living Their Own Higher Cause.” The link […]

The Cause of All Your Pain

Every once in awhile a message from some unknown source comes to me. This one appeared in a dream, one strong enough to wake me up, almost with a gasp. The dream narrative itself is muddled. All I can recall of it is that at the end some powerful presence seemed to come near me. […]

Losing Weight

It so happens that I’m participating in Weight Watchers these days. So far I have lost about 26 pounds, and intend to lose more. I attend the meetings with my wife every Saturday morning. When we first started attending, I thought I would be bored. I have been anything but. What I have been fascinated […]