Monthly Archives: June 2010

Who Do You Speak For?

It’s a question I’ve been asking others lately and also of myself. If leadership involves helping fulfill a felt need, then what is the need and who are those who have it? Aung San Suu Kyi, locked up in her house or in prison for most of the last twenty years, nevertheless speaks for those […]

Workshop Invitations: Following SELF and Beyond the Edge

To all colleagues, friends, and readers! If there’s a silver lining to tough economic times, it is that we have to rethink what we’ve always done. If the times are pressured, the need has never been higher for us to be open, accessible, positive and grounded. If we yearn for great leadership, it’s clear this […]

On Discernment and Hubris

Discernment refers to opening up one’s eyes and one’s mind, considering a situation carefully, and reflecting to find insight more than express judgment. Of the many qualities of leaders, it is one of those we most watch for as we evaluate the skills and capabilities of a leader. Does this person show a capacity for […]