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Being in the Desert II

Here is the foregoing post as a slideshow with narration. You can select the “HD” setting for better resolution in full screen, but it’s not right yet — the full screen image should be crisp — and I have a ticket in with WordPress Support. However, for now, this version (via the “Download Video” link […]

Being in the Desert

Recently, I was reading a beautiful document by Karen Tse, describing the basis for her work, and I was struck again by the image of the desert which she references, about the necessity of “going to the desert” in order to “discover what it means to draw upon the vast well of our spiritual resources […]

No Matter Which Way We Turn Wisdom Will Find Us

Many years ago I worked with a public agency, improving communications within one of the departments. I had an in-house departmental contact person coordinating some of my activities who, like me, was passionate about positive organizational change. At some point after the completion of my work, I learned there had been problems again in the […]

On Misfits and Outcasts

Yesterday as I was writing my last post I forgot something — from the conversation I was having with a friend about her destiny. As we continued to talk, what also came out was the sense that those who honor and follow their unique paths may also have to endure considerable loneliness and a sense […]